Parking Management Software

The Cell phone owner can become a registered customer by visiting the SMS Parking Web Site and paying some amount (say for example US$ 100) either using Credit Card or using debit bank options.

By becoming a registered customer he gets an account with the opening balance of the amount (US$ 100). He can then utilize this amount when ever and where ever he is parking his vehicle in the City.

This software currently is being planned for using with Municipality of the city and the City Traffic Police.

Using his Cell phone the registered customer can send SMS to the software short number or service number

Objective of WPS
  • To provide a fully Wireless Integrated Parking system with various monitoring, Controlling and ticketing systems
  • Make it easy and more efficient to both Consumers & to the City
Customer Needs
  • Automate the Public parking and make it more efficient compared to the manual process
  • Affordable, Reliable and low maintenance
  • More Profitable