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Weapon Management System

There is a significant importance of the Armoury in any Defence and enforcement agency. The armoury is employed not only for storage of weapons but also for training, repairs and maintenance activity.

Our Weapon Management solution makes use of RFID, CCTV and Barcode technology to supply an entire turn-key solution where every single weapon is tagged within or on the surface.

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Weapon Management System
Quick & easy  
Quick & easy

Quick & easy physical count at quarter end for audit purposes


Accurate reporting of status for each weapon

Ability to track  
Ability to track

Ability to track which employee has which weapon

Unique Benefits

The ARMS Armory Management System could be a computerized registry of weapons, gear, ammo, officers, certifications and posts integrated with bar coding and RFID technology for rapid assignments, issues and returns, and supporting security infrastructure to stop the unauthorized removal of weapons.

Armory Management System
  • Check in/Check out weapons
  • Full Audit Trail of inventory items and users activity
  • Fixed and Portable RFID and Bar Code Readers
  • Permission based features within software
  • Custom System Reports available
  • Add users to “Do Not Arm” list
  • Track user weapon certifications for specific items

RFID Weapon Management System is designed to stay track of all weapons and their equipment using frequency Identification (RFID) technology.

  • Paperless check-in and check-out and track usage history
  • Anti-thief to prevent unauthorized equipment movements out from the stores
  • Accelerate and improve the accuracy of cycle counts
  • Easily locate specific weapons and identify equipment that require maintenance or re-certification
  • Automatically associate issued weapons and equipment with personnel and confirm the qualifications of the individual to receive the issued weapon.
RFID Weapon Management System

VeponSoft Features


VeponSoft is the most comprehensive software in the market for Weapons Management & Tracking. VeponSoft is uses bar-codes and hand held bar-code readers. VeponSoft is integrated with Bio-metric registration and verification systems, to keep track of weapons in a most secured form.

Detailed description

Detailed description of the item.

Complete history

Complete history of weapons, department.

Personal Authorities

Weapons can be issued and returned to authorized personnel for carrying out determined types of duties.

Model, Butt and serial number

Make, model, Butt number and serial number of the item.

Software Permits

Permits of issuing only based on allotment to the authorized personnel.

Creating a group

The grouped in multi-level Category - the weapon is found under.

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Frequently Asked Questions


The Weapon Management System is designed to identify, locate, monitor and track weapons within an enclosed armory or throughout a military base. Simply attach the tag to the weapon's handle and use the management tools to select the desired monitoring mode.

Our Weapon Management solution makes use of RFID, CCTV and Barcode Technology to supply an entire turn-key solution where every single weapon is tagged within or on the surface.

RFID can help military and law enforcement improve weapons tracking, equipment audits and liability exposure.

The Frame of the weapon will have the RFID Tag, which could help in blowing siren at the out gate with the help of Antenna.

The RuBee (IEEE 1902.1) along with Memory Spots can be used to scan a radius of 50 feet

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