Cargo, Logistics Management Software

The Logistics software, is easy-to-use, courier software solution specifically designed for the courier, messenger, expediting and distribution industries. Offer real-time delivery tracking, barcode scanning and signature capture.

For each cycle of bins movement, following eight steps can be planned:
  • Booking of Bins / Racks, In-scan at Starting point at our Delhi office
  • Out Scan Entry as Manifest,when dispatching from our Delhi Office to Supplier
  • Manifest Received at Supplier when dispatching from Supplier to Customer (ex., Punjab)
  • Manifest Received at customer (e.g. at Punjab)
  • Out scan as new Manifest, when dispatching from Customer our Delhi office
  • Manifest Received at our Delhi office
Online Integrated Web Based Logistics Management software Some of features listed below:
  • Master Files
    • Locations,
    • Suppliers,
    • Vendors,
    • Staff/Employee,
    • Customers,
    • Route, etc
  • Operations from Outgoing to Incoming, and Booking to Billing
    • Each Bins / Racks / frames will be identified by a unique number for each transaction
  • Role based permission for each user
  • Customer Relationship - Front Office Management
  • Customer Reports
  • Operations Department Reports
  • Management Reports
  • Optional – SMS integration – send SMS or receive SMS to and from software.