A better way to process an invoice For less than the cost of a postage stamp, you can receive & process an invoice electronically

  • A B2B invoice solution in the Cloud for invoices & timesheets
  • Approaches invoicing from the Buyer’s perspective
  • Facebook/LinkedIn like concepts for establishing connectivity between buyers and sellers
  • Enables central AP submission of Seller/Supplier Non-PO e-invoices
  • Enforces Buyer-centric rules for invoice submission
  • Facilitates invoice coding and approval prior to payment processing
  • Facilitates Push or Pull posting of e-invoice data in industry standards formats and with or without images
  • Mobile Features for Sellers
Planned platform Features in the pipeline
  • Enhanced workflow engine
  • Quoting Module -- Quote to Invoice with Quote validations
  • Catalog Creation
  • PO & POD integration
  • Project Invoices and Tracking
  • Fully functional Portal dedicated to providing small vendors with cash management options